Monday, September 15, 2014

Ancient Armies

I've been retired for a few months and started working on touching up some of my miniatures. I started with my 15mm Ancients collection. With the miniatures I own, I can field the following armies: Alexandrian Macedonian, Later Achaemenid Persian, Marian Roman, Pontic, and numerous Successors of Alexander armies.

The Alexanderian Macedonian Army and Later Achaemenid Persian Army on my dining room table. The miniatures are 15mm by Essex.

King Darius is in his chariot behind the Persian Guard. The Persian massed Levy is in the rear. Darius wasn't known for "leading from the front," but his army was rather glorious.

Alexander's Army. Note Alexander leading his Royal Companion cavalry on his famous white horse Bucephalus (lower left, second group from the bottom, just behind the Agrianian light infantry). I just re-mounted the Companions in wedge formation (their preferred fighting formation) on 40mm bases per the DBMM rules. The Macedonian mobile baggage train is at the rear.

Another view of the Persian host. I'm touching up the armies as I set them up on the table (fixing broken spears, bases, etc. Note the scythed chariots need scythes!).

The consideration now is: what rules should I use to fight the battle? I have DBA, DBM, DBMM, Armati 2, Tactica, Field of Glory, and Neil Thomas' "Ancient & Medieval Wargaming" rules.

Miss Kitty wants to play too!

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  1. Great looking set up! I've got two cats you can have too!
    Mike B