Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hydaspes 326 BC - The Dining Room Table Version Part 2

In part 1 (click here), the initial re-fight of Hydaspes using DBA 3.0 turned out to be a disaster for Alexander & the Macedonians. A second attempt to re-fight the battle was made to see if we could get different results.

 Above is the initial deployment. The Macedonians have placed the Companions on their left flank, the light cavalry and infantry on the right, with pikes in the center. The Indians have their longbows in the center, an elephant, heavy chariot, cavalry, and auxilia infantry on the right, with 2 elephants, the other heavy chariot & cavalry, and a psiloi on the left. Note the home-made movement stick.

 The early stages of the battle find the Indians aggressively attacking with their left against the light troops of the Macedonian right. The Macedonians have already lost a psiloi element to the heavy chariot. On the Macedonian left, Alexander and the Companions have drifted off to the left by themselves, but this does not seem to be a promising position for them.

 As the battle further develops, the Indians have destroyed the Thracian auxilia with one elephant while the other has destroyed the Asiatic light horse and forced the Macedonian pike phalanx to face right to meet the threat. Meanwhile, the Companions (the Macedonian shock force) are not really doing anything. The Indians are winning 3 to 0. It should be noted that if the pikes can recoil the elephant they are fighting, it will result in the destruction of both it and the elephant element behind. An opportunity exists for the Macedonians.

Above is the view at the end of the battle. Unfortunately for the Macedonians, the left flank Indian elephants were able to dodge destruction and survive. The far elephant wrapped around to fight the phalanx straight up. The Macedonians lost their last psiloi in the woods above. This resulted in another victory for King Porus 4 to 0. Alexander and the Companions were in basically the same position for the entire battle, where they couldn't effect anything. The center/right of the Indian line basically did nothing either, as King Porus used all the command pips for the left flank troops.

In the actual battle, Alexander massed most of his cavalry and attacked the Indian left, consisting of chariots and cavalry, avoiding the elephants. The phalanx moved forward and engaged the elephants and infantry. 

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  1. Interesting win for the Indians. All done with the elephants! I assume the initiative pips favored the Indians early and they never gave up that advantage to dictate the battle.