Thursday, March 31, 2016

ADLG: Kushites vs Ostrogoths

I recently played another ADLG game in 25mm with Simon Babbs. This time, Simon came to Wheaton, where we played at Liberty Hobby Center. We had another 200 pt contest, this time the Kushites vs the Ostrogoths. 

Simon used his NK Egyptians as Kushites, and 2 horse chariots as 4 horse ones (Simon is currently painting 4 horse chariots for his Kushites). 2 of the Kushite commands contained 4 horse chariots, very tough units that have impact ability, as well as being heavy. The center command also had light infantry bows, while the left flank command had mediocre medium cavalry and bowmen. On the right flank, the Kushites had mediocre medium cavalry, bowmen, and a light cavalry unit.

The Ostrogoths have limited command ability (+2 command rating) and no Strategist Generals are available. I used 2 competent generals for the flank cavalry commands and an ordinary general in the center infantry command. Based on my previous experience with the Ostrogoths, for this game I decided to mass the Hun Light cavalry (elite, bow) within one command, along with the elite heavy impetuous cavalry. The left flank command had bowmen, light infantry bows, and regular impetuous heavy cavalry. In the center were impetuous heavy swordsmen (Frankish foot warriors), a light infantry bow unit, and a medium impetuous cavalry unit. The Goths also had a fortified camp.

Above shows the end of turn 1. The areas with trees are plantations. On the Kushite side there was a gentle hill and two small fields.  

 Above shows the Hun cavalry has advanced into bow range. Hun bow fire in this game was fairly effective. The Goth heavy cavalry is just out of charge range behind them.

 The above photo shows just a couple turns later when the Goth cavalry impetuously charged through the Huns into the Kushite left, proceeding to get three units destroyed vs the very tough chariots (though the Goths managed to kill one of the chariots). The Kushite chariots in the center "slid" to the left and towards the Frankish foot warriors. The bowmen of both sides began trading volleys. On the far Gothic left, the Kushites were annoying the Gothic cavalry with a single light cavalry unit on the flank, which the Goths were countering with a light infantry bow unit.

 Above shows the death throes of the remaining Gothic cavalry unit on the Gothic right flank. The chariots charged, but the single Hun unit evaded, while the remaining Huns stayed where they could keep firing. On the Gothic left, the Light Infantry dispatched the Kushite light cavalry with bow fire and the Gothic cavalry wheeled round into a position where it could charge next turn. Both sides lost bow units on that flank.

 On the Gothic right, the heavy cavalry is gone, but the Huns are still firing away at the Kushite medium cavalry and bowmen. In the center, two groups of Kushite chariots have "slid" towards the center and into the Frankish foot warriors, causing multiple disordered. On the Gothic left, the Kushite medium cavalry has evaded from the Goth heavy cavalry, while the bowmen continue to trade volleys.

 The above photo, lower right shows the growing number of Gothic dead. The Huns on the right have destroyed another medium cavalry unit with bow fire and are making their presence felt. In the center, two Frankish warrior units have been killed and two are disordered by the Kushite chariots. On the Gothic left, the heavy cavalry has hit the Kushite medium cavalry in the rough terrain, but the Gothic general's unit is flanked. The Gothic & Kushite bowmen are still trading volleys.

 Above shows the point where the Gothic casualties reach the breaking point and the game ended. The Huns were still viable on the right, while the Frankish warriors had lost half their number and another unit disordered. Somehow, the Franks managed to kill a chariot.

 Close-up of the Frankish/Kushite battle.

The left flank Gothic general fighting hard, though outflanked.

Aftermath: Massing the Huns proved to be effective in this game. The left flank Gothic cavalry should have more aggressively deployed to attack the weaker Kushite right flank sooner in the game. Kushite chariots are very tough opponents regardless. Thanks to Simon for another enjoyable game and for fighting 2 hours of traffic to get there.

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