Sunday, May 1, 2016

Little Wars 2016 DBA Open Tournament

We had an open DBA tournament at Little Wars 2016 in Lombard IL that I ran this past weekend. The open tournament format was to make it easy for someone with any DBA period army in 15mm to come and play. We used 24" boards per Phil Barker's recommendation in the rules. Bill Hupp made all of our boards, using gaming mat material over black foam core. We planned for 3 rounds, with a 4th if needed. In the end, a clear winner did emerge at the end of three rounds. Jim Luenz from Peoria took first place with his Early Imperial Roman army, a popular army choice.

Above are some of the participants. 10 players isn't too bad for an initial tournament. Some of the guys traveled from Detroit, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Peoria. Two of the players were father & son. Several hadn't played 3.0 before. Play seemed to go well for everyone, with few rules interpretation problems. The new venue for Little Wars at the Westin Hotel was great. I think that the success of this tournament and the DBA tournament last month at Adepticon bodes well for the overall success of DBA 3.0 in the Midwest. Thanks again to Bill Hupp for all his help, and to HMGS-Midwest for their input. We are considering doing a dedicated DBA Tournament/Game Day possibly later this year at a location TBD.


Player                                                Army/Points
1. Jim Luenz                  Early Imperial Roman/29
2. Pete Contos                Classical Indian/25
3. Andrew Kirby           Early Imperial Roman/23
4. Theo Klapper             Alexandrian Imperial/17
& Bill Hupp                    Early Crusader/17
5. Kris Vezner                Early Imperial Roman/16
6. David Shepps             Eastern Patrician Roman/15
& David Rutter              Classical Indian/15
7. Bill Fisher                   Late Roman/12
8. Nick Klapper              Early Imperial Roman/2

Below is some of the action from the tournament:

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