Thursday, January 11, 2018

First Game of 2018

Had my first game of 2018 last evening, playing HFG (Horse, Foot, & Guns) with my friend Steve, who has never played HFG before. We tried a historical battle scenario, Caldiero from Oct. 30, 1805. We started the battle at 11:30am (when historically, the fog over the battlefield lifted). There was a protracted contest for the village of Caldiero and an entrenchment in the center of the battlefield, which forced us to learn the nuances of fighting in & around a BUA (built-up area). I'm not sure we really understood the rules in this regard, so will have to study them for next time. The scenario seemed workable, though we may give both sides an extra general next time, as each player was commanding 17-19 elements with one general each. The scenario was from Age of Eagles,  which I modified to HFG. We took our time playing & looking up things in the rules, so our game was not played to a conclusion, with the French getting the better of the Austrians, who were losing 3 elements to 0 (the Austrian break-point was 7).

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