Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Romans vs Gauls (Julius Caesar Period) , DBA 3.0 Armies in 25mm

While I have plenty of armies available to play the DBA 3.0 wargame rules in 15mm, I now have some 25mm armies to play with. Below are photos of my Romans & Gauls, just a portion of what I have to use. The armies in each photo (painted by Al Hulton) include optional bases that the army list allows. I also have enough to do Big Battle DBA with these armies, which is triple sized what you see in the photos. I now have to make some suitable camps for each army, and a couple of built-up areas to use in the games. A palisaded camp with ditches around it would be suitable for either army, or a fort on a hill as at the Battle of Alesia.

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