Monday, March 2, 2015

Big Battle DBA 3.0: Romans vs Gauls

Two weeks ago we had a Big Battle DBA 3.0 game of Marian Romans vs Gauls at Liberty Hobby Center in Wheaton IL. Liberty Hobby Center is the new home of Thistle & Rose Miniatures. The players were Bob Pavlik and Bill Hupp (Gauls) vs Brian Caskey and John Brust (Romans).

The game used standard BBDBA rules and 36 element armies (three 12 element DBA armies).

Above, the armies are deployed. The terrain was placed per the DBA rules, but the larger playing surface spread it out.

Above - Another deployment photo.

Above - The battle lines are closing. The Gauls are in 2 ranks, because warband in 2 ranks get a +1 vs enemy foot.

Above - The battle lines have clashed.

Above - The Gauls have broken the Roman right flank command, the warbands "quick killing" several Roman blade elements. Note the legionaries turning away. The Gallic cavalry in the center is locked in a desperate combat. The Gallic right flank is barely hanging on.

Above - The Gallic right flank command has broken. What happens in the center will decide the battle.

Above - The Gallic cavalry is decimated, their center command finally breaks, and the Romans win the battle. The game played in about 2 hours.

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