Friday, March 27, 2015

British Colonial Battle - The Sudan 1880's

In the dead of winter in January a couple months ago, we decided to warm up with a British Colonial battle in the Sudan, the Dervish (the 19th century version of ISIS) versus the Anglo- Egyptian-Sudanese. Our friend Bill Garrett hosted the game at his home on the frozen tundra near Rockford IL. Geezers present were Bill, Mike Zamuda, and Mike Beers (the Anglo/allies) while the dervishes were played by myself, Ken Kaergard, and Bob Pavlik. The rules used were "The Sword & The Flame."

The Egyptians & Sudanese were defending a fortified town, hoping to hold out long enough for a British relief column to save them. The Dervishes were commanded by that infamous radical sheik, Persian carpet cleaner, and Mahdi wannabe: Howya-Bin-Duke.

The Dervish army approaches the town. Howya-Bin-Duke (foreground) is blessing the troops and cursing the enemy.

The Egypto-Sudanese troops rush to the defense. A sandstorm is blowing off the table in the distance.

The Dervishes approaching the fort, Egyptian artillery support.

The Dervish assault begins.

The Dervishes are swarming the walls. Promises of many virgins are awaiting them in paradise.

The defenders are determined to hold. After all, they want to keep their heads!

The sandstorm clears and the Dervishes react to the British relief column now in view. The Dervish artillery changes facing, while Dervish horsemen approach the infidels.

Howya-Bin-Duke directs the final assault, the sandstorm returns, and the Dervishes fade away.


  1. Good stuff. Pretty big game for TSATF.

    1. I think that TSATF works better in smaller games. The card turning, etc. dragged this game out. Of course, old guys get bored easier.