Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hastings Using ADLG, an AAR

Our group likes to re-fight Hastings every year in some form or another. My friend Bob Pavlik & I got together last week and did a small re-fight of Hastings using ADLG. We used 12 units per side, which in ADLG works out to about 100 pts per side, so we used the optional rules for that size game. We used preset terrain and Bob's collection of 25mm Minifigs, which were beautifully painted by Bob back in the late 1970's, when those figures were "state of the art." The figures were based individually for another set of rules, but for this game, Bob made "flying carpet" sabot bases that were 3" wide for using rules like DBA or ADLG. Bob has enough figures that we could have done a much larger game, but he only had enough sabots done for our game.

The photo above shows the deployment. On the left, Saxon Fyrd and Huscarls on the hill. On the right, the Normans were deployed with 2 units of bowmen in the front, a second line of dismounted knights, and mounted knights in the rear. Note: We forgot about the 6 unit maximum frontage of groups in ADLG. It didn't effect the battle, as the Norman dismounted knights split into 2 groups later anyway.

A view from behind the Norman lines.

Behind the Saxon lines.

The Normans advancing.

Normans maneuvering as approaching the Saxons on Senlac Hill. William is a "Strategist" in ADLG, which allows him to add +3 to command rolls. We rated Harold as "Brilliant" (+2).

After a few turns, Norman archery finally took effect and routed a huscarl unit in the center of the Saxon line. The Norman dismounted knights split into 2 groups, manoevering towards each of the Saxon flanks. Note the Saxon javelinmen waiting in the marsh in the lower left of the photo.

The Normans have begun engaging both Saxon flanks. Harold & his Huscarl unit are behind the gap in the line. Saxon & Norman units have taken cohesion hits, marked with small die behind the units.

The far right flank Saxon Fyrd unit has routed, opening a gap in the Saxon line (lower left of photo).

King Harold pondering his fate.

The Norman left is beginning to roll up the Saxon right flank. The Normans have taken fire from the Saxon skirmishers in the marsh. On the Norman right, they have just routed 2 Saxon Fyrd units and pursued into the gap.

The Norman perspective of turning the flank.

The end of the game. Lost and disordered units hvae brought the Saxon casualty count to 13, which ends the game. The Normans casualty count was  7. Harold temporarily survived.

One thing we are not used to in ADLG is that, unlike DBA, there is no recoiling. We enjoy seeing troops recoil. Therefore in our scenario games, we are pondering an optional rule that would allow recoils if a unit suffers a cohesion loss. We are also thinking that a recoiling unit could be prevented from doing so by "standing fast," and taking an extra cohesion point loss. There would also be mandatory pursuit of recoiling units by impetuous enemies.


  1. Inspiring post! The Normans have got to be my all time favourite. Berserkers on horseback- what could go wrong!
    Mike B