Monday, October 19, 2015

Rematch: Gauls vs NKE - an ADLG AAR

Last week I had an ADLG rematch with Simon Babbs: my half naked Gauls vs his eye-make-up wearing New Kingdom Egyptians. An out of period battle to be sure, but you go with what you have. In our previous attempt at LADG, Simon's Egyptians were victorious over the Gauls. The Gauls hope to do better this time.

 Impressive looking Egyptian medium infantry with impact ability and eye make-up.

 The formidable Egyptian light chariots. They can use bow fire as well as melee.

 The main half-naked Gallic command of Vercingetorix, deployed in a large, 2 rank formation. 

 Pre-game deployment. The Gauls (on the left) have their large warband command in the center, a smaller command on the left in the woods, and the Gaul cavalry at the edge of the marsh on the right.

 Both armies slowly approach each other.

 The Egyptian chariots take bow fire at the Gallic cavalry, which take casualties (cohesion losses marched with small die behind the cavalry). The Gauls also send a portion of their Gauls in the center command to reinforce the cavalry.

In the photo above, the Gallic cavalry has taken severe casualties, while the Gaul infantry helping them are disordered as well. At the top of the photo, the Gaul infantry has come screaming out of the woods and engaged the Egyptian infantry. 

 Another view of the Gallic left. The Gauls have penetrated and broken through the Egyptian line in 2 places while the main Gallic command is sliding over to the left.

 The Gallic cavalry on the left has been wiped out to a man & horse (the casualties are lined up to the far left). The good thing about this is that while the Gaul cavalry was being destroyed, it kept the Egyptian chariots busy, while on the opposite flank the Egyptian infantry was being ground down (top).

 More action on the Gallic left flank. The Gauls have broken through in several places and the Egyptian infantry casualties are rapidly increasing.

 The Gallic right flank is just barely hanging on. The marsh (bottom of photo) saved the Gauls from having the Egyptian chariots sweep around that flank. The destruction of the Egyptian infantry is almost complete, and a unit of warbands are moving towards the Egyptian camp (top of photo).

The view of the Gallic left flank at the end of the game. The Egyptians were near break point due to their infantry losses (only 4 infantry units remained) while the Gauls had a way to go, even with all their cavalry gone. Simon conceded the game at this point, and the Gauls had a victory.

Some differences between this game & the last one: the Gauls were all medium infantry and able to move & fight through terrain better than heavy infantry. The Gauls were the defenders and able to place a lot of terrain that actually helped them this time. The Gauls used Vercingetorix as a C-in-C, who is a "strategist" in the ADLG rules, giving an extra +3 to the command rolls. All the figures in this game are Old Glory 28mm. Thanks to Simon for hosting.

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  1. Victory to the woad wearers, over the make up wearers😀 Great AAR!