Sunday, January 24, 2016

Gaugamela Light using ADLG

A week ago we played a 4 player 300 pt ADLG game in 15mm of Macedonians vs Later Achaemenid Persians, representing something like Gaugamela. Besides myself were Bob Pavlik, John Brust, and Bill Hupp. This was an introductory game of ADLG for John & Bill. We played at the Liberty Hobby Center in Wheaton IL, home of Thistle & Rose Miniatures.

The armies used were originally used for Tactica and WRG 7th edition armies I painted back in the early 90's, and later used for many games of DBM. They work just fine in ADLG.

Early stages of the battle. The Macedonians were intimidated by the large numbers of Persian cavalry on both flanks. 

Later in the battle, the Macedonian phalanx finally got going towards the Persian center with the mercenary Greek Hoplites, the Apple Bearers, and King Darius. Parmenio was fighting hard on the Macedonian left, while Alexander and the Hypaspists were routing the heavy Persian cavalry of Bessos on the Persian left. We had to call the game early, with the Persians having a Scythian cavalry unit about to sack the unprotected Macedonian camp. The Persians were 5 points away from breaking, the Macedonians were 7 pts away.

Large 300pt battles in 15mm look good in ADLG. John & Bill enjoyed their first ADLG game.

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