Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Year ADLG Tournament

On Saturday January 2, I attended an ADLG (L' Art de la Guerre) tournament at the home of Phil Roberts in Palatine IL. We used 200 pt armies in 28mm and there were 3 rounds. Present including armies were the host Phil with Sassanid Persians, Mark Huml with Triumvirate Romans, Ed Harding with Patrician Romans, Allan Brown with Avars, and Dan (?? sorry, don't have his last name) who played using Phil's Palmyrans. I had an Ostrogoth army, & substituted 2 games for Myles Toomey, who had a Chinese (Han?) army.

Above is my Ostrogoth army. It had a Frankish foot warrior command fighting as impetuous Gothic  heavy swordsmen in the center, and two cavalry (heavy impetuous cavalry and Hun light cavalry) and light infantry commands on the wings. The camp is a fortified Gallic camp, scratch built by Bob Pavlik. My figures are Old Glory.

Above is my first opponent's army, Mark's Triumvirate Romans. Cool looking shields and swell paint jobs on Wargames Foundry figures.

Above shows the height of the battle. The Franks in the center were taking a lot of cohesion hits in an impetuous frontal attack vs legionaries, but the Goth cavalry was breaking through the Roman right flank (see above right in photo).

The Romans flank marched on the Goth right, which the Goths managed to counter and rout some of the Roman cavalry. The Goth breakthrough on the Roman right and subsequent sack of their fortified camp broke the Roman army, though the Goths suffered heavy casualties as well.

Above is the deployment for the second game against Phil's Sassanid Persians. The Persians right hugged rough terrain, with infantry and Elephants. In the center, the Persians had cataphracts and heavy cavalry. On the left they had a Allied command of Arab light cavalry supported by camelry. The Goths had a similar deployment to the first game.

Close-up of the Persians, which are beautiful Aventine figures.

The Allied Arab command.

Preliminary moves.

Things aren't going well for the Goths. The yellow 4 sided die are marking the numerous cohesion hits taken by the Goths. The impetuous Goth heavy cavalry charge of the Elephants on the Persian right was disastrous.

The Goths go down in defeat in a lop-sided loss.

Caesar's Romans waiting to engage the Avars. Avar/Roman photos by Mark Huml.

Allan's Avars advancing towards the Romans

Avar heavy cavalry crashing into the Roman legionaries.

Avar and Roman cavalry in combat.

More fighting.

Thanks to Phil for putting on and hosting a nice event.


  1. Really nice stuff. Thanks for posting. Looks like a fun event.

  2. Hi can you tell me what manufacturer is allan browns avars from? Thks