Wednesday, June 8, 2016

1st Corps Hellenistic Thureophoros & Thorakitai

I just finished some 1st Corps 28mm Thureophoros & Thorakitai to fight alongside my Thracians in ADLG & DBA. I purchased the miniatures from Mark Severin at Scale Creep Miniatures, who gives good service. The figures were very nice, with little flash.

The Thureophoros are on the left, while the Thorakitai are on the right. The difference between them is that the Thorakitai are wearing mail shirts, while the Thureophoros are unarmored. I based the figures as 4Ax for DBA. They can also be used as Medium or Heavy Spearmen for ADLG. For ADLG, note that the rear rank have the long thrusting spears, while the front rank are throwing javelins, which I think pretty well shows how they fought historically.

All the figures with spears are cast with butt-spikes. The Thureophoros are slightly more animated than the Thorakitai, but I am pleased with both types. These troops were typically mercenaries found in late Hellenistic & Successor armies, but were also found in Late Republic Roman & Pontic armies.

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