Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Old Glory Thracians

I just finished painting a bag of 30 Old Glory 28mm Thracians. Now I have Thracian units for ADLG and enough elements for a Thracian DBA or BBDBA army where the Thracians were auxiliaries.

 I based them 3 to a base. In DBA, Thracians can be 3Ax or 4Ax. I decided to base them all on 3 figure bases and designate certain elements (the white theuros shields) as 4Ax when needed. The figures are nicely animated, some of Old Glory's better figures.

As you can see from behind, the Thracians have crescent shields of various designs, as well as ochre & white theuros shields.


  1. These look awesome and impressive!

    1. thank you...the figures were fun to paint.

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