Monday, June 5, 2017

Giant DBA Sabis Redux

I haven't updated this blog in awhile. This past February, we redid our previous Battle of Sabis (or Sambre) using Giant DBA 3.0. Our previous attempt was documented here. The latest battle was a complete success. Some of the changes were:

1. The board was changed and the battle was fought across the narrow side of the board. This put the Gauls closer to the Romans, and also meant the Roman reinforcements would arrive closer to the battlefield.

2. The Roman cavalry and light infantry was divided among it's parent commands instead of being a separate command. It was also given the first move, so it could attempt to escape from the Gallic horde.

3. The Roman reinforcement command arrived by turn 4.

The situation at the start of the battle. The Roman cavalry & lights see the Gauls charging towards them out of the woods.

The Nervi (Gaul) commander and his young trainee surveying the action, mid game.

                                                The view looking towards the opposite flank.

The Roman reinforcements arrive and start to counter the strong Nervi left wing (see top-center).

The Nervi approaching the Roman line.

The lines clash.

The Nervi right never really closed, while the center and left did most of the fighting.

The game ended a Roman victory when the two center Nervi commands broke. We ran this game at 2017 Little Wars in April, with the Nervi getting revenge on the Romans.

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