Monday, June 5, 2017

In Memorium

We lost a couple of good hobby friends in the last few months. Bill Garrett passed away in January. He was an avid Napoleonic gamer and had an extensive collection of 25mm Minifig Napoleonics. He also had a large collection of British Colonials in 25mm, as well as AWI, ACW, among others. Bill regularly hosted many of our games after he moved to Belvedere IL a few years ago, when he finally had a large gaming area and storage space for his miniatures in his house. Bill was a devout Christian, always good natured and friendly. We will miss Bill, though I believe Bill is in a better place now.

Bill's Obituary:

Another friend we lost is Steve Lawrence. Steve was well known in the Chicago-land miniature gaming scene starting in the 1970's. An excellent painter and gamer, he was very prolific and creative. We haven't seen much of Steve in recent years- he took care of his aging parents and had various serious health issues. Steve was also a devout Christian man...he is in a better place now.

Steve's Obituary:

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