Monday, May 25, 2015

Early Frankish vs the Huns, Battle # 1

Our first battle with the Early Frankish vs the Huns began with the Franks as the attackers and the Huns the defenders (unusual as the Huns have an aggression of 4, the Franks 3). The terrain type for the Huns was Steppe. The Huns chose a gentle hill, an area of scrub, and a gully.

Above is the Hun army. Note the wagon laager camp that Bob made. The nasty looking foot are Musket (Footsore) Miniatures subject warband infantry. The Gepid cavalry is the far right element, next to Attila. 

Above is the Early Frankish Suevi army with Ostrogoth allies. Being unimaginative, I used the Gallic hut & camp for the Franks. 

Above shows both armies deployed before turn 1. The gully is at the bottom of the picture. The Franks deployed second, and placed their bows on the right of the line, anticipating hordes of light horse coming their way.

Above shows the initial movement in the game. The Huns are moving forward while the Frankish general has sent some of his warbands into the scrub, possibly to meet the Hun's subject infantry. An Ostrogoth ally column has also moved forward. 

Above shows the Frankish & Hun infantry are about to close near the scrub, while the main body of Hun light cavalry is shifting slightly towards the Frankish center. Attila and the Gepid nobles have also moved forward along the gully. The Frankish general has shifted to the right, while the Ostrogoth noble near the scrub has stayed behind, anticipating being needed elsewhere. 

The Frankish warbands have contacted the Hun subject infantry near the scrub and destroyed one element, while the Franks have lost the Ostrogoth psiloi. The Hun light cavalry charged full tilt towards the center of the main Frankish battle line, killing one fast bow, but losing a light horse in distant shooting reply. The Franks have countered by involving both Ostrogoth noble units, one approaching the Hun light horse right flank, and the other driving back a column of Hun light horse. Both sides have lost 2 elements at this point.

The picture above shows the end of the game. The Frankish warbands have destroyed the other subject infantry element near the scrub. The Ostrogoth noble has hit the flank of the Hun light horse and destroyed an element that couldn't recoil, while the other Ostrogoth noble was quick killed by light horse with second rank support. The remaining Frankish fast bow destroyed a Hun light horse element via distant shooting. The game ends with a Frankish victory, 5-3. 

The Frankish general was fortunate to have enough pips to move his Ostrogoth allies at the right time. The Franks were able to use the scrub to move warbands through to attack the subject infantry, and were able, with good placement, to shoot down a couple Hun light horse. Meanwhile, Attila and the Gepid nobles were still near the gully, perhaps wary of archery fire, & didn't reach the enemy in time to effect anything.

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  1. Interesting game Dave. It shows what happens in a straight ahead bash up of troop types. And great looking troops! Also enjoyed seeing you use the alliy rules in a 12 element game - I hadn't thought about that option yet.