Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New DBA Armies

The last few months I've been painting up some troops for new DBA armies that I can use. About 15 years ago, I planned to paint a Patrician Roman army for DBM. I purchased some Old Glory 25mm Frankish warriors & Gothic & Lombard Cavalry for the Foederati and only got around to painting one bag of Frank warriors. That was the last time I painted a 25mm figure. After DBA 3.0 came out, I re-evaluated what I owned, and found I could paint a very nice double sized Frankish army for DBA with the figures I owned, and I had a good start on a Osto/Visigoth Army as well. So, after slowly figuring out how to paint again, here is what I now have so far...

This is my Frankish army, enough to do the Quadi, Alamanni, Suevi, or other early Frankish types. I was able to get a few German figures to use as a Knight command element and javelin armed psiloi.

I also painted up a bag of Gothic archers, so I can not only use them as Goths, but also as Frankish Fast Bow and more Psiloi.

Above are Sarmatian Clibanari. They can be an ally of the Quadi, so they fit in with the Franks. Phil Barker says that fully armored cavalry and metal armor for Sarmatians were rare, so I painted the half armored cavalry with mostly lacquered horn armor.

Above are Gothic heavy cavalry.

Above are Lombard heavy cavalry, equipped very similarly to the Goths. The main difference is the Lombards have longer mail coats, leg armor, and longer hair & beards.

I still have to add flock/static grass to the bases on all of these. I will also add a bag of Gothic warband/spearmen to the mix. My friend Bob has a triple sized Hun army for DBA that he recently re-based from WAB. We hope to have some Franks/Goths vs Hun games in the near future. We can also do a BBDBA Hun vs Early Franks with an Ostrogoth ally.


  1. The painting and figures all look great.... marvelous!

  2. Fabulous looking Sarmations - hope they perform as well as they look :)

  3. Dave, these look great! Nasty axes!

    1. Thanks Bill! Not sure how they will do vs Bob's Huns.