Monday, May 25, 2015

Early Frankish vs Huns, Battle # 2

Our second game of Early Frankish vs Huns began with the Franks defending this time and placing the terrain. Terrain included 2 plough, a woods, and a gentle hill.

 Above is the Frankish army deployed. 

 Above shows the armies and terrain deployed at the beginning of the game. The Franks put their warbands on their right near the gentle hill, while their Ostrogoth cavalry & psiloi were deployed on the left. The fast bow and the Frankish general are in the center of the line. The Huns countered by placing their light cavalry on their left, the subject infantry in the woods, and the Hun & Gepid nobles on the right.

 Initial moves by both sides show the Franks moving their fast bow to the left, possibly to engage the Hun & Gepid nobles. The Hun light horse moved straight ahead towards the Frankish right flank. 

 The Franks got some good pip rolls and were able to place a few warbands on top of the gentle hill in the face of the Hun advance. The Huns continued moving directly towards the Frankish right, now on top of the hill. The Huns drove back 2 of the warbands, while a column of Hun light horse was forced to recoil.

Further along in the battle, the Hun light horse destroys 3 of the Frankish warbands on or near the gentle hill, while a Frankish fast bow element turns and shoots, destroying a Hun light horse element. The Huns are winning 3-1. On the Frank's far left, the Ostrogoth ally cavalry is advancing towards the Hun right.

 The above picture shows the end of the battle. The Hun light cavalry destroys another Frankish warband element while the Huns lose another light cavalry to distant shooting, which ends the game with a 4-2 win for the Huns.

The fast moving Huns were able to seize the initiative with their light horse and just barely avoided crippling losses from the fast bow. The Frankish left & Hun center & right flank were not really involved in the fighting.

 Bob scratch-built this beautiful Gallic camp, including the hut. It is much nicer than mine on the right.

Another view of Bob's camp. Materials used were a cardboard tube for the walls, card-stock roof with scrunched up paper towel & white glue roof. The outer fence & gate were made from toothpicks, balsa, & string. The base is matte board.

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  1. Great looking camp Bob! Interesting comparison of the tactics between the two games.