Thursday, October 3, 2019

Mars Attacks, 20mm SciFi

In August, we deviated from our usual Historical Miniatures games to play a SciFi game with my friend Bob's collection of Reviresco "War of the Worlds" Martians vs the British. We have played this before and it is a blast. 

Bob has his own home rules for this game, and it includes Martian ray, plasma, and poison gas weapons, while the British get Lee-Enfield .303 bolt action rifles and 18 pounder quick firing guns. There are limitations on how much & often plasma & poison gas can be used, but ray weapons can be used every turn. Hits are taken by all units. The tripods can take 24 hits each. British infantry & artillery can each take about 5.

 Quiet, sleepy Huddersfield. British infantry and the Royal Artillery advance towards the town to defend it from the Martian invaders.

 An arial view from a Sopwith Pup observation aircraft.

 The invaders have arrived, ready to wreak havoc & destruction. 

 Note the dismounted Martians at the base of each tripod, who act as tripod maintenance troops in the game. They can "repair" hits on the tripods, which is about all they are good for.

 A Martian plasma weapon incinerates two buildings and their contents.

 Close-up view of the Martians, who can repair damage to the tripods. 

 Another view of the Martians, who look somewhat like a gob of phlegm.

 The Martians release a poison gas cloud, which moves in a fluctuating manner with the wind.

 The town is burning and gassed. The British are staying out of the town, but in line of fire of the Martians.

 Another view of the town.

 The gas is lingering in the same spot. Gas, like plasma, auto kills anything in or under it.

 The Brits have killed a tripod. Dismounted Martians are moving to the center tripod, as it's dismounts have been killed by artillery and bullets.

 The Brits moving around the smoldering ruins of a couple buildings. The Brits were able to keep up a constant barrage against the Martians and eventually destroyed two tripods and 3 dismounted Martians.

A Martian survivor.

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